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Daxas® is the first oral COPD-specific anti-inflammatory therapy for severe COPD patients on maintenance treatment with inhaled drugs who have:

  • Symptoms of chronic cough and sputum
  • A history of frequent exacerbations

A potent and specific inhibitor of the enzyme phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4), Daxas® has a unique mode of action. When added to first-line maintenance treatment Daxas® provides incremental benefits such as significantly reduced exacerbations.1–3 This section provides a summary of the key information about Daxas®, including the additive benefits of Daxas® therapy, detailed evidence from pivotal clinical studies, and a list of frequently asked questions about Daxas®.

Daxas® treatment
This section includes essential information about Daxas®, including a video explaining how Daxas® works at the molecular level, the additive benefits of Daxas® therapy, a profile of a typical COPD patient treated with Daxas®, and safety information.

Daxas® clinical studies
Learn more about the pivotal phase III Daxas® clinical studies, which confirmed that Daxas® reduced exacerbations when added to first-line maintenance treatment in patients with severe COPD, who had symptoms of chronic cough and sputum, moderate-to-severe airflow limitation, and a history of exacerbations.

Daxas® FAQs
Fifteen common questions about Daxas® are answered here, including ‘How is Daxas® different to other COPD treatments?’ and ‘Will patients feel better on Daxas®?’


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